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Один из примеров "HoverButton"
	global type w_hoverbutton from Window
	end type
	type p_1 from picture within w_hoverbutton
	end type
	end forward
	type trackmouseevent from structure
		unsignedlong		cbSize
		unsignedlong		dwFlags
		unsignedlong		hwndTrack
		unsignedlong		dwHoverTime
	end type
	global type w_hoverbutton from Window
	int X=1056
	int Y=484
	int Width=1312
	int Height=396
	boolean TitleBar=true
	string Title="Hover Button"
	long BackColor=78682240
	boolean ControlMenu=true
	boolean MinBox=true
	boolean MaxBox=true
	boolean Resizable=true
	p_1 p_1
	end type
	global w_hoverbutton w_hoverbutton
	type prototypes
	Function Boolean TrackMouseEvent(ref trackmouseevent lpEventTrack) 
	Library "USER32.DLL"
	Function Boolean _TrackMouseEvent(ref trackmouseevent lpEventTrack) 
	Library "COMCTL32.DLL"
	end prototypes
	type variables
	 * Window Messages
	constant ulong WM_MOUSEHOVER                   = 673 //0x02A1
	constant ulong WM_MOUSELEAVE                   = 675 //0x02A3
	 * Hover Flagss
	constant ulong TME_HOVER       = 1 // 0x00000001
	constant ulong TME_LEAVE       = 2 // 0x00000002
	constant ulong TME_NONCLIENT   = 16 // 0x00000010
	constant ulong TME_QUERY       = 1073741824 // 0x40000000
	constant ulong TME_CANCEL      = 2147483648 // 0x80000000
	constant ulong HOVER_DEFAULT   = 4294967295 // 0xFFFFFFFF
	boolean	ib_mouseover=false
	end variables
	on w_hoverbutton.create
	this.p_1=create p_1
	end on
	on w_hoverbutton.destroy
	end on
	type p_1 from picture within w_hoverbutton
	event mousemove pbm_mousemove
	event mousehover ( )
	event mouseleave ( )
	int X=869
	int Y=72
	int Width=146
	int Height=128
	string PictureName="large-exit.bmp"
	boolean FocusRectangle=false
	boolean OriginalSize=true
	end type
	event mousemove;trackmouseevent lpEventTrack
	if not ib_mouseover then
		ib_mouseover = true
		lpEventTrack.cbSize = 16  //structure is 4 ulongs which is 16 bytes
		lpEventTrack.dwFlags = TME_HOVER + TME_LEAVE
		lpEventTrack.hwndTrack = Handle (this)
		lpEventTrack.dwHoverTime = 100
		//hover time-out (if TME_HOVER was specified in dwFlags), in milliseconds
		//if this does not work, try swaping this call with the emulated one below
	//	TrackMouseEvent(lpEventTrack)
	end if
	end event
	event mousehover;Border = true
	BorderStyle = StyleRaised!
	end event
	event mouseleave;Border = false
	end event
	event other;choose case message.Number
			ib_mouseover = false
	end choose
	end event
	event clicked;close(getparent())
	end event